Connecting SEPTA Leadership and Philadelphia Area Youth.

The SEPTA Youth Advisory Council aims to foster a culture in which public transportation in the Greater Philadelphia Area is the preferred method of transportation among the youth demographic. The YAC works to achieve this vision by advocating youth needs to SEPTA Leadership for the purpose of system improvement and by providing information about transit services to the region’s youth.

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About the YAC

The SEPTA Youth Advisory Council, commonly abbreviated as YAC, is the nation’s premiere transportation advocacy organization focused specifically on the 22-and-under demographic. Based in the Philadelphia area, the YAC was created by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in 2009 following a competitive regional search. Over the course of seven Operating Years, the YAC has greatly expanded its presence and role. It is in this capacity that the YAC focuses on achieving its dual mission of both advocating youth needs to SEPTA Leadership and representing those leaders to the youth community.

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The SEPTA Youth Advisory Council is always working on a number of exciting projects in pursuit of our vision and mission. Check the Our Work page for meeting details, reports, publications, and more!

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