YSA Grant

The SEPTA Youth Advisory Council is pleased to announce the receipt of a $1000 grant issued by Youth Service America! The grant, received in conjunction with an ABC Summer of Service award, will be used to directly support the YAC’s youth outreach efforts in addition to establishing a small discretionary spending account (to be used to support YAC activities and reports as needed).

YAC Executive Chair Jeff Kessler commented, “This is the first time in the organization’s history that such funding has been received. I am excited to see what we are able to do with the funds both in terms of establishing a thorough outreach campaign in addition to evaluating service for the youth of this region.” He added, “The YAC has long been able to function with minimal funds, and we will certainly attempt to operate in a similar fashion to ensure the money can support us for as long as possible.”

The grant application was pursued and written almost exclusively by Executive Vice-Chair Will Herzog. “YAC members are recognized leaders in identifying youth needs and taking action on both SEPTA’s and our young Philadelphians’ behalf” said Mr. Herzog in an earlier statement. “The generosity of Youth Service America and ABC will eliminate many of the monetary barriers associated with our efforts.”

Mr. Kessler closed by remarking “I am grateful for the cohesiveness and dynamism of the entire YAC. Through the efforts of people like Mr. Herzog, the YAC is truly able to accomplish our mission of both advocating student needs to SEPTA leadership and providing outreach to the region’s youth.”