YAC Initiatives

The YAC is currently engaged in a number of initiatives in pursuit of our mission and goals.
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Student Fare Discount Program

Designing a Fare Program through which area Students can Ride SEPTA at Discounted Rates

Youth Outreach Connection

Improving the YAC’s Outreach Efforts to Enhance Engagement

System Improvement & Evaluation

Evaluate the Present State of SEPTA and Offer Actionable Changes to Improve Service

SEPTAdventures: YAC Rides SEPTA

Develop Understanding of the SEPTA Service Area by Collectively Riding Every SEPTA Route

Bylaws v6.0

Click to Download the YAC Bylaws
Last Updated: September 16, 2019

What's New with the YAC

April SEPTAdventure

Hey SEPTAdventurers!     This month we travelled to historic Philadelphia to check out the Museum of the American  Revolution. This museum just opened its doors April 17th, so it’s one museum you’ve definitely never been to before! Tickets are only $17 for students if...

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December SEPTAdventure

Hello SEPTAdventurers! Hopefully finals are over or coming to an end for you college kids, and winter break is coming soon for you high school kids! I, personally, never feel in the holiday spirit when class is in session, so we decided to go on a holiday spectacular...

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August SEPTAdventure

Hello there SEPTAdventurers! It doesn't matter if you've lived in the city your whole life or now find yourself living here for college-- Philadelphia is a beautiful place. I know that every time I take regional rail home to Germantown, I peak out my window when I get...

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Hi SEPTAdventurers!   Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer break! Nothing says summer quite like a baseball game, and right now SEPTA Pass Perks is offering buy-one-get-one-free tickets for select Phillies games. My fellow SEPTA travelers, this is an...

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