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Here, you’ll find everything you need to navigate the entire SEPTA system. From timetables to informational brochures, we have it all. Plus, it’s the same material we distribute at our outreach events, so you always know where you can find a copy!

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Campus Guides (NEW!)

Check out our interactive brochures, personalized for your college campus.

Apps for


Easily check schedules between any two points, view service alerts, detours, and even track vehicles in real-time! Additional YAC app favorites are also listed, too.


Download official SEPTA timetables to schedule your trip.




Market-Frankford Line

[MFL] W-E on Market, then NE to Frankford

Broad Street Subway

[BSL] N-S along Broad to Stadiums

Norristown High Speed Line

[NHSL] Connect to King of Prussia

Other Materials

Brochures and guides to improve your trip.